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Who is to come? The weary and the burdened—those of us who are laboring and heavy laden, those of us who are weary, exhausted, extremely tired, despaired, disenchanted, disenfranchised, disgusted, disapproved of, overlooked, talked about and criticized, rejected, affected, infected, dejected, weighed down, ready to quit and call it a day can all come to Jesus Christ!

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Teach Your People to Get Connected. I Love My Church. Hear Jesus Whisper, "Follow Me". When Jesus told Nathanael that He saw him under the fig tree, He was telling Nathanael that He knew everything about him, even the deepest longings of his heart. Introduction John's Gospel is a very theological Gospel. Browse All Media Related Media. Nobody has commented yet.

Sign in to leave a comment. Discovering Truth When it Hurts 4 week sermon series from the Psalms. I Love My Church 5 week campaign on the beauty of Christ's bride. Jesus knew everything about Nathanael beforehand, He knew what Nathanael believed in and what kind of character Nathanael possessed. He was saying that Nathanael was the epitome of an Israelite, and he was everything an Israelite should be because he believed in the promises of God.

Nathanael wanted desperately to live up to the standards God had set for Israel—and Nathanael was so desperately waiting for the promised Messiah.

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Could this be the true Messiah his friend Phillip is so excited about it? There is still some doubt, even with Philip—although Phillip believes Jesus is the Messiah; he was looking at the flesh side of Jesus, because he refers to Jesus as the son of Joseph and not the Son of God.

Jesus knows everything about everyone. Nathanael is no exception. In other words, he did not deceive, try to bait in or mislead anyone. He said whatever he thought without hiding his thoughts; he said and acted upon exactly what he felt. One of the great tragedies today, is that there are so many who are full of guile. Now days you have to watch what they do and not what they say. And unfortunately even in the Church. Most likely the first thing you will ask is how do you know—have we met? Another thing that must have startled Nathanael was, Jesus knew that he was Israelite Nathanael thinks this to be very strange, but wait until he hears the rest of Jesus' answer.

Here again, Jesus knows everything all the time, and He knew where Philip found Nathanael. In Palestine the fig tree stood for peace, security, rest, and worship.


Very often a man would go seek solitude and worship under his fig tree. There is sufficient food in the world to feed everyone. All we lack is the will. When Jesus returns no one will lack for needs. When Nathanael was sitting under his fig tree he was most likely contemplating life and daydreaming about the Messiah Jesus Christ.

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No one but Jesus knows exactly what he was thinking while under that fig tree. He knows all things that will come to pass. But since He does know all about me I can come to Him and He can and will fix it. He was telling Nathanael that for sure He knew everything about him. In short, He knew exactly why Nathanael decided to take refuge under the fig tree. To them, it appeared that they were speaking in code.

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  • This will answer the first question. Now this is a give away. I can't FIG- ure it out! What do people do with some illegitimate babies in very conservative cultures? Did they adopt illegitimate kids out? Put them in orphanages? Was Nathanael hanging back under the fig tree because he felt too ashamed to come to Jesus the prophet - or because he had been ostracized to that place? With Deut 32 in view, Nathanael could not boast of his ancestry like Paul.

    What is the biblical significance of the Fig Tree?

    He would also feel very "un-Israelite". If Nathanael was an illegitimate child, that would have bring great shame on the grandparents. Now what is an obvious place where someone might leave an illegitimate baby some years ago? I knew you since you were wrapped up and abandoned under a fig tree.

    This is what made Nathanael jump out of his skin and confess that Jesus is the Messiah. After the shock and a lot of explaining your wife asks you: Would you suggest something like "a gift from God"?

    Under The Fig Tree

    Sooner or later she knew who found him. Then she watched him grow up, but she could not touch him, or even talk to him. All of a sudden she told me that she was an illegitimate child. I did not know how to react. I continued my explanations, thinking that her experience happened long time ago, only to discover that her pain was a present reality as I saw her teary eyes every now and then. Looking back I did not need to explain to her, because she actually explained to me something I did not know. Here are some of our emails after we talked: I was born in a small country town 65 years ago as an illegitimate child.

    Unlike today, illegitimacy was frowned upon. I was a tiny tot, probably about two and a half to three years old. My cousins and I went to play with some neighbourhood kids nearby. At the time I had no idea what a bastard was, but I knew I was something very bad. Even today, when I recount the event I get very emotional. I look forward to heaven when like Nathaniel, Jesus will say to me "here is a "true blue" child of God in whom there is no deceit! Hi Natalie I just can not go to sleep without saying something.

    First I would like to apologize for "opening' an old wound.