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The old men playing checkers by the trees, the cake that was left out in the rain, all of the things that are talked about in the song are things I actually saw.

How we made MacArthur Park

Back then, I was kind of like an emotional machine, like whatever was going on inside me would bubble out of the piano and onto paper. She was apparently somewhat less than sold on him, however.

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Around this same time, Webb got chummy with Irish actor Richard Harris, who he got drunk with backstage at a charity event in Los Angeles. Harris sent the composer a telegram asking him to come to London to record an album, and Webb joined him.

Rádios que tocam Donna Summer

Accompanying himself on piano, and sans the baroque orchestration, the anguished gut-wrenching emotions of the song are so exposed and visceral here. Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Meu perfil Enviar letra Mensagens Editar Sair. Tem certeza que deseja excluir esta playlist?

MacArthur Park Donna Summer

Excluir playlist Cancelar Salvar. Quem pode ouvir Todos Somente eu. Among the best-known covers is Donna Summer 's disco arrangement from which topped the Billboard Hot In , producer Bones Howe had asked Webb to create a pop song with classical elements, different movements, and changing time signatures.

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Webb delivered MacArthur Park to Howe with "everything he wanted", but Howe did not care for the ambitious arrangement or unorthodox lyrics and the song was rejected by the group The Association , for whom it was originally intended. Webb initially brought the entire cantata to The Association , but the group rejected it.

MacArthur Park

In an interview with Newsday in October , Webb explained:. Everything in the song was visible. There's nothing in it that's fabricated. The old men playing checkers by the trees, the cake that was left out in the rain, all of the things that are talked about in the song are things I actually saw.

And so it's a kind of musical collage of this whole love affair that kind of went down in MacArthur Park. Back then, I was kind of like an emotional machine, like whatever was going on inside me would bubble out of the piano and onto paper. Webb and Horton remained friends, even after her marriage to another man.

The breakup was also the primary influence for " By the Time I Get to Phoenix ," another song written and composed by Webb. Greco closed all his shows with this number for forty years. The idea to write and compose a classically structured song with several movements that could be played on the radio came from a challenge by music producer Bones Howe , who produced recordings for The Association.

The song consists of four sections or movements:. Webb had been invited to provide the musical backdrop at the piano.

‎MacArthur Park by Richard Harris on Apple Music

Out of the blue, Harris, who had just starred in Camelot , and had performed several musical numbers in the film, suggested to Webb that he wanted to release a record. At first, Webb did not take Harris seriously, but later he received a telegram from Harris, requesting that Webb "come to London and make a record. The last song that Webb played for Harris was "MacArthur Park," originally written for The Association , whose members had promptly rejected it because of its length, complex structure, and unorthodox lyrics.

Harris selected "MacArthur Park" for his pop music debut. String, woodwind, and brass overdubs were recorded over two sessions on December 29 and The song was included on Harris's album A Tramp Shining in and selected for release as a single , an unusual choice, given the song's length and complex structure. In , Miami Herald journalist Dave Barry conducted a poll among his readers, and they selected Harris's recording as the worst song of all time , both in terms of "Worst Lyrics" and "Worst Overall Song".

Reference is made to the song in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody film when the time length of the song by Queen is discussed between the band members and producer Ray Foster regarding the radio airplay such a long song would receive. She became the first female artist of the modern era to have the number one single and album simultaneously on the Billboard pop charts the week of November 11, Italian producer Giorgio Moroder would recall that he and his collaborator Pete Bellotte had been interested in the concept of either remixing a track — as yet undecided on — which had been a hit in the s or else remaking a s hit as a dance track: Moroder — "I remember that I was driving in Bogart obliged with an 8-track tape containing Harris' version, which Moroder had to specially buy an 8-track player to hear.

Moroder readily identified "MacArthur Park" as quote "a great song for Donna — with all those high notes, it was perfect [for her] First, I [located] a key that she could sing really high, but still with a big voice — that took an hour or two. I played a little piano and she sang it with my accompaniment.

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We found a key and we had Greg Mathieson do the arrangement — and then I did something very special" — that "something very special" being Moroder's recording of his own voice to form a choir heard behind Summer on the song's chorus: I made a loop of those notes, and put that loop in the [Solid State Logic] desk. I could form eight chords by having C-E-G right on the group.