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We stopped at a rest area just across the border into Virginia and I looked at the map. Confederate , counter protest , heyer , kind , Life , love , memorial , noh8 , peace , protest , robert e lee , together.

One of the things I love about A Peace of My Mind is that it lets me drop into different communities and spark interesting conversations. I meet new people and I see the creative ways that people work toward positive change in the world.

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Before we get too far into the conversation, […]. APA , community , community development , effective , justice , planning , urban planning. We forget to lay down our burdens.

We forget that we can heal. We put up walls and isolate and push away when the thing we want most is to connect. We convince ourselves we are powerless and forget the power of five simple words: I live in the city, but my wife and I have a Christmas tree farm. I know how my farm neighbors feel when yet another city person buys the field down the road.

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I know how my city friends joke about life in the country. Working for the common good, concern with building community, striving toward justice…these can be lofty goals, tiring work, and when the problems are large, people can become discouraged. Show Grid Show List. Together with the designer and artistic partner Michael Brauchli, Friedrich devised a simultaneously physical and narrative means of conveying them to others.

The envelopes and the drawings they contain will be duplicated several thousand times, opened, and retold in Berlin, Vilnius, Montreal, Marseille, Warsaw, Antwerp, …. Cities that have marked the life stories of the seven narrators from Haifa, but which they can no longer reach. Using different teams of messengers in each city, Friedrich and Brauchli recreate and adapt the seven biographies, with members of the audience becoming participants and future messengers at once.

As a result, the museum becomes a place of transit and the lost stories are reclaimed by the city.